Who we are

The History is inside the Future of each town or territory.

Starting from this statement, a group of 20 knowledge workers leaded by Paolo Marenco, engineer with more than 20 years experience in Innovation Centre and Science Park management, founded in 1999, a non for profit Association called La Storia nel Futuro® (The History in the Future).

La Storia nel Futuro® was born in a beautiful area in Northern Italy between the Alps, the highest Fall in Europe, Toce Fall, and the lakes Maggiore and Orta.

Our goal is the promotion of communication projects and new entrepreunership school.

The entrepreneurship school consists in:

1. Seminars held in Universities, by successfull entrepreneurs and managers.

2. Silicon Valley Study Tour for attendees selected by the Seminars.

3. Internship position sponsorship in International Companies and Research Laboratories.

40+ entrepreneurship schools for a total number of 200+ seminars have been promoted since 1999 in Piedmont, Tuscany, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Lazio, Sicily Universities, with the attendance of more than 20.000 people.

14 Silicon Valley Study Tours for a total number of 300+ attendees have been promoted since 2005.

10+ Internship programs for an equal number of Silicon Valley Study Tour attendees have been sponsored since 2005.

The Silicon Valley Study Tours are organized thanks to the cooperation of  SVIEC (Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council) inside NIAF

A social network Silicon Valley Study Tour with 1000+ members was born in September 2007.


NIAF endorsed La Storia nel Futuro® to organize the first Voyage of Discovery in Northern Italy for 34 American-Italian college students from all over the United States (June 2009).

NIAF and Foreign Affairs Italian Minister endorsed La Storia nel Futuro® to organize the first Sicily Liguria Study Tour for 4 American–Italian University Students from all over the United States (October 2011).

La Storia nel Futuro® projects are made thanks to the wide support received by 80+ sponsors, either Institutions and Enterprises.

La Storia nel Futuro® can transfer to worldwide Universities, Cultural Institutions and Local Administrations its knowledge to realize such a project.

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